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10 July 2012 @ 03:15 am
I really don't ever post anymore, but I do read..and I'm happy and living life as best I can and in love & can't believe we're working on 2 years and talking marriage.

I'm pretty boring though. How are yall?
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02 August 2010 @ 08:51 pm
Hit me with your best travel tips! From what to pack, what to say, what to do, what to bring to entertain(I am traveling with a buddy).
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02 May 2010 @ 10:53 pm
Things I'm never buying/paying for again-

Shampoo/Conditioner. Part of the "no poo" method, I'll be the first to say I have very ethnic hair. Not much about me beyond high cheekbones is an indicator of my Blackfoot ancestors sans my very coarse hair, so as you can imagine I have a tough time getting a brush to run through my dark locks. After the initial period of adjustment, I couldnt be happier NOT shelling out mega-dough for a natural product!!

Toothpaste! I've known for a long time a good alternative to those strips for teeth whitening is to gargle peroxide(DO NOT SWALLOW!) mixing it with baking soda and SHABAM toothpaste for pennies.

Bugspray-repel ants/water bugs/roaches/common household bugs with this cheap and all natural way!

cleaning supplies-No i will not spend 15.99 on that spray and leave shower cleaner!

dish-washing tabs! Add a spoonful to where you used to stick that electrasol tab!

Resolve! Put onto carpets(my couch in particular gets a lot of dirt), let sit over night, vac in the morning!

Draino-this stuff is sickly expensive! No more, a few tablespoons of baking soda a week will do the trick!
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28 April 2010 @ 10:04 am
Okay, Ladies, be HONEST: How often do you clean behind your fridge/stove/heavy products?

Ick factors aside, did you know that your fridge counts for 20% of your electric bills? Cleaner coils means less energy used, which means CHEAPER BILLS! 20 ways to conserve energy(and save some $!)

I know what you're thinking. "I dont have money to buy all new energy star products!". Hey, me too! But I would like to save some serious cash. So lets break down things you and I can do to save us some green and in turn be a little green!

1. Alot of us are meal planners(ashtacular still waiting on your post missy haha<3). You don’t have to give up all animal products to have an impact; conventional factory farming emits huge amounts of greenhouse gases. If everyone in the US ate just one meatless meal a week, that would be the equivalent of taking 19 million cars off the road. That’s almost 10 percent of the total number of cars in the US (or as many cars as there are in Canada!). The average person saves $200 a MONTH by cutting their meat down by just once a week!

Meatless Ideas for Meatless Mondays

2. Energy efficient light bulbs. I know what you're saying "4 bucks a bulb, WHAT"?! I'd like to start by truly backing up how long these suckers last. 6-8 months in often used rooms(Living/kitchen/dining) and close to 12 in lesser used rooms. Expense aside(and I do swear they save you) for you SAMS club card holders I recently found a pack of 12 for $9!
No longer on sale, it still gives you some info about them(like how these will save you nearly $600 on energy bills!)


3. Turn stuff off! Sounds easy, I know right. For people like my mother(a chronic light turner on) this is easy said than done. But to turn off a light will go a long way. What about turning off the bigger things? Even when your Television and desktops are off their using energy, which in turn is going straight to your electric bills. Power strips(cords) are fairly cheap and make turning things off a quick push(I'm sure alot of you, like me, have your TV/DVD/VCR/Cable/Wii in one power strip).

Feeling brave? Why not Add up YOUR costs each month and per year with this energy calculator and be prepared to have your jaw drop.

4. One of the biggest wastes in my house was also one of the biggest hits to my wallet. Ever sit down and ponder how much a month you blow on paper towels? The same mother who has a light obsession is also well known for taking 3-4 paper towel squares a meal/a clean up/a whatever. It was annoying me, leaving a ton to pick up behind(why are there 17 paper towels hidden in the couch?), and down right WASTEFUL! I was finding that I was spending 50-75 dollars a MONTH on our "The Great Paper Towel Habit". Ridiculous, RIDICULOUS! So, I set out to find other means! I ended up settling on cloth diapers(picked up a 12 pack of super strength ones from Wal*Mart for 10.99) and a small trash can(4.99 from walmart). Does it mean I do more laundry? It does! Does it mean less waste, less random stuff found in my couch, and a HECK OF A LOT CHEAPER! You betcha! Hands down well worth the cost and the 1-2 extra loads of laundry I do a week!

5. Its gross, I know, but our Kitchens are a hot spot for Mold! On food, on counters, and behind the places we just don't want to see. For years I was the front runner of the BLEACH PARADE! I over looked stained/dead clothes for the insanta satisfaction I got from smelling a house full of bleach. That is until I learned that Bleach is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer behind Smoking(this is for heavy/often use, granted, but as someone who was using bleach 4-5 days a week to clean house, that included myself). In came Vinegar! Vinegar Clean. Cheaper, healthier for your family and mother earth, and easy to make at home. I bought a few simple plastic spray bottles(50 cents at target), a few bottles of vinegar(price varies), Kosher sea salt I already had in my cabinet, lemons from the local farmers market, and baking soda I had in my cabinet. Presto! I have my own cleaning products that wont hurt to inhale and wont do much but burn if my kiddos get adventurous

Websites I frequent for green-thoughts::

Curious? Whats your Footprint?
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19 March 2010 @ 02:07 am
Am I the only one lacking total want to start spring cleaning?
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23 February 2010 @ 04:08 am
Stolen from ashtacular

what would you like to see pictures of? They can be of anything in my day to day life. Inside of my car, my neighborhood, my bed, my purse, desktop, etc
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16 February 2010 @ 09:49 am
Over this weekend I've taken a real notice to how my anger gets the best of me, to the point I don't even feel in control of situations. I get frustrated, upset, name calling, vengeful, and more. Now, this wasn't without cause(not excuse, but yes with cause). This weekend I was 'tipped off' by a woman letting her infant chew on a pen at a dinner party I threw. I gave her a look, that to me at least said 'is that really a good idea?'. The woman(never getting off her phone) stood up, screamed in my face 'got something to say', and raised her hand to me(I kid you not). Purely insane, yes. However, a humble heart would not have taken the same steps as I did. While, certainly this woman's parenting is questionable, is it my place to question?

While it is only natural to react poorly when confronted with this situation(alot of my response began with shock and then went into anger), it is upon the bigger person and the Christian minded person to think before acting.

The attitude of the humble heart is beautifully expressed in I Corinthians 13:4-8:

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.

-Blessed are the poor in spirit (humble), for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
The first beatitude defines all the rest. Having a humble heart leads to living God's harmony for your life, to living your harmonious natural fulfillment.

-Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called son's of God.
Keeping peace between others, our family, and our own hearts brings us closer to God's love. To be harmonious in our lives and with the Lord's light, we must keep anger and selfishness away. If humility is in our hearts we will find the need to argue, boast, and fight dies down quickly(as well as my temper).

I am only human, and a bad tempered human at that, but if we keep a humble heart and remember to have a meek and quiet spirit in all points of life, perhaps being so quick to anger will be on the back burner rather than being caught up in a Maury-esque show-down.
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05 February 2010 @ 08:06 pm
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From Clutter to Clarity: Simplifying Life from the Inside Out by nancy twigg.

I just finished this fast read last night. Negatives are she repeats herself alot(no, not to the effect of Nancy Leigh DeMoss), but some would just consider it strongly making her point(s). Positives are endless. I really took to heart her points on debt being a major hindrance and how our culture has made it so normal to be consumed by it. I like how every problem she talks about from family, to personal, to motherhood, to debt can be traced back to the hurt and emptiness we're feeling inside as the core of the problems(externalizing).

I feel the description on the back of the book really encapsulates the book well, “Is your schedule so full you can barely breathe, much less volunteer for a good cause? Do you spend each day worrying about things you can’t control? Are you tired of facing endless mounds of junk? Cluttered homes, overbooked schedules, and maxed-out credit cards are only symptoms of what’s happening on the inside. As you follow God’s directive to clear out the clutter that complicates your life, you’ll discover the clarity you desire. Isn’t it time?”.

I think particularly as mothers the 'keeping up with the Jones's' feel tends to consume our hearts/minds/wallets and how that clutters our family relationships and our relationships with God. Also, how technology has really been separating us from the ones we love. Cell is ringing, tv's blaring, ipod shutting out the world. How can I hear God's calling and messages if I cant hear ANYTHING other than those things? The book begins by offering a new definition of clutter: “Anything that complicates your life and prevents you from living in peace as you live out your purpose.” That alone really sets the pace for this book. Wonderfully 'read able'(draws you in, backs up her points well). Alot of us are well versed in simplification of our outer lives. Bins, label makers, binders, calenders, and more, but are we using that as a distraction to our inner clutter? For some the outer clutter of a messy home or car is a reflection of what their feeling inside. A good example of this is my dining room table, no matter WHAT I do, its ALWAYS cluttered. Paper, coats, roaming laundry, toys, you name it. After reading this inspiring book I began to sit down and ask myself WHY this place most of all tends to be a home to objects. My mother was not(and isn't to this day) a domestic person. She was a take out 7 days a week, on the go, conquering the world, career minded young woman of the 80's. I can count sit-down family dinners on one hand from birth to 18. Is this clutter of my own table a reflection of my childhood 'issue' with a lack of 'normal' dinner time?

“Our suitcases are filled with all kinds of dead weight: habits we need to give up, attitudes we’ve long since outgrown, and activities and possessions that no longer serve a reasonable purpose.”

I cannot strongly enough recommend buying or heading to the library for this eye opening faith-based book on how today's world of materialism is blocking the inner workings of who we are.
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05 February 2010 @ 12:25 am
First and foremost every home needs a command center. While a mother is certainly close, one cannot expect any woman to keep every date perfect or remember every birthday(a particular downfall for myself). This requires no 'special' kind of binder sans it being attractive and of use to you. Some people prefer ones with pockets already in it, I wanted a clear slate. I picked up an earth friendly 1inch binder from target for 5 dollars made of eco-friendly recycled materials.


Upon opening I see an overview of the entire year. I like to look at this and take a mental note of how quickly important dates in my family is coming along. Along the binder inside I stick a few post-it notes for emergencies.


Each month has the exact same set-up. The dividers I also bought from target have dual side pockets. The front I stick coupons(divided into months by which they'll expire) and the reverse I stick generic(or specific) birthday cards


Each month begins with a calendar over-view that I add things to as they come(you're seeing march because its not so horribly cluttered. So far I have marked a doctors appointment, our week long vacation, and my sister and I are attending a postsecret event) and the beginning list of birthday cards I need to send out for that month by person/their DOB


Next is 'monthly goals'(which of course will be different for you and your families needs). Mine range from personal accountability, stewardship, my children's positive/negatives, etc


Next is each day of the week broken down from Monday-Saturday. I don't bother to do it hour by hour because its unrealistic for this family, do as specific or non-specific as you feel you need to be inspired. I chose these days for these specific events because we have a lot of extra curricular activities. Monday I have kickboxing, Tuesday is bible study, Thursday my son attends swim lessons and gymnastics, Fridays I study. This is what works for us, explore which days are your most free to get the bulkiest items done.

As you'll notice we don't clean on the Sabbath, I have the crock pot ready on Saturday with dinner(or we go out). We use this day for the Lord & family time(board games, etc).

L.A.N is short for Laundry as Needed


Next is a simple print out of a grocery list. Without a list I not only forget things, but I over spend grabbing whatever looks 'shiny'.


Every week I sit down and lesson plan a few things. Schooling is loose here since homeschooling a toddler is like trying to climb a mudslide in the rain. However, I do require basic writing/art/religion/and a few field trips sprinkled in. A good week has atleast 3 field trips ranging from the fun to the informative!

Lastly is a quick recipe guide in the back(most I make custom from scratch), a family address book, a list of dates we're needed/available for stewardship in our church/community. I like having these easily accessible for days I don't have the time/energy to run all over the house looking for their info
(apparently my address label is trying to run away?)

So, there we go ladies. Homemaking management in a snap and for under 20 dollars(which easily those faux leather ones want for nothing customized). Next post is the greatest invention(crock pots) and our favorite recipies!
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